Not everyday is a crazy day, but today it’s whacky Wednesday here at the Proffitt household. To celebrate such a whacky day, I decided to create something new and exciting.

Join me because today it's whacky Wednesday and we have created ATC cards.

As you can see in the picture, I created three Artist Trading Cards. Each one is different and are slid in a vellum envelope. I cut the vellum to accommodate the little card, die cut the front of the sleeve and stitched around the edges.

Have you ever heard of ATC cards? The ATC is short for Artist Trading Cards.

What are ATC Cards?

It's whacky Wednesday and ATC card day at Gal Friday Stamping.
Adorable vellum sleeves for our ATC cards today.

Artist Trading Cards are small pieces of art that can be created with the scraps left over from the greeting cards you have been creating. We all have left over scraps!

ATC cards started when M. Vanci Stirnemann created a number of cards, 1200 to be exact for an exhibit. During this exhibit, the artist asked others to create their own cards to trade with him. That is how the movement began. Today, there are ATC card swaps all over the world. There are also online groups that may interest you if you would like to begin in this movement.

An ATC card is the same size as playing cards or baseball cards. They measure 3 1/2 x 2 1/2″ and are mostly rectangle, although you can create shapes keeping to the same dimensions. These cards should also have a little thickness to them. I purchased playing card bases and added a layer of card stock to the front and the back.

The ATC card can be clean and simple or you can add layers, flaps, doors, ribbon and embellishments. When the cards are complete, the should be able to slip into a clear plastic card protector. I actually created a vellum envelope that you can see in the pictures.

These cards are never sold, just given away. If you decide to keep them for yourself than the rules surrounding creating these cards can be broken.

Don’t Forget the Back of the Card

Here is the back of my ATC cards

Just like creating greeting cards and not forgetting the inside, you must not forget the back of your ATC. The back should included but not all information is necessary:

  • Name of the Artist
  • Date the card was created
  • Title of the card, I actually added the stamp set I used
  • Contact details
  • Series number if it is part of a series
  • You can also add a note

Let me know if You would like to start trading ATC cards.

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