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  1. Margene Eskelson

    I just love your cards! You are a very talented lady! I am a hobby demonstrator and I would love to case your card? I was looking for cards using this set so I could see how to put the roses together properly. My search brought me to yours. They are beautiful!!

    1. janegalfridaystamping

      Thank you Margene so much. You are more than welcome to CASE my card. All I would ask if that you give me credit for your design. If you would like to join my group, please do. I do a video a week and offer free pdf’s all the time and would love to have you.

  2. Margene Eskelson

    Thank you so much!! This will make lovely card for a friend

  3. Ruth

    Cute card! I have these colors but hadn’t thought to put them together.

    1. janegalfridaystamping

      Thank you Ruth….I never thought to put them together either. lol….this week it seems I have been putting colors together that I would never have done in the past.

  4. Fay Marie Gardner

    I just love your Hey Chick Card!!! So clever to have the hairy chick peeking in from the edge! HaHa! Love it!!

    1. janegalfridaystamping

      Thank you so much Fay! I loved creating with this set.

  5. Stephanie Davis

    So creative, love the inside. Thanks fir sharing your creativity. Are there measurements and directions?

    1. janegalfridaystamping

      Hi Stephanie…..Thank you. I will be creating cards from this set tonight during my live video. The measurements for these cards follow the same measurements as the gray suit.

  6. Fay Marie Gardner

    Another great card from this suite!!

  7. MArgaret cHapmon

    Looks like a great card to try.

    1. janegalfridaystamping

      Thank you so much Margaret. Can not wait to see what you create!

  8. Judy Payne

    Where do I get the instructions for the twist and pop up card using the Hey chick stamp set?

    1. janegalfridaystamping

      Hi Judy, I checked, and I did not do a tutorial for the twist pop up card. I have had request for that card. Keep an eye out, I will be doing a tutorial soon. Thank you for asking.

      1. janegalfridaystamping

        hi Judy, I will be doing a mystery class with the twist and pop up card. If you are interested in Joining in on Saturday June 5th, head over to and you can find the event there.

  9. Nancy

    I would love to see how you created this lovely card, but I am not on social media.

    1. janegalfridaystamping

      Hi Nancy…thank you so much! Here is a link to my video on YouTube.

  10. Karen Tenney

    Love these cards! I just ordered and received this set. So happy I did.

    1. janegalfridaystamping

      Thank you so much Karen…..I do love this set. I will be using it much more in the future.

  11. Shannon

    Hello…I would like the PDF for the 4 panel card with matching gift card box… TFS!

    1. janegalfridaystamping

      Hi Shannon….thank you for asking. You can find that PDF along with the video here…

  12. Fay Marie Gardner

    I love your calendar ideas!

  13. Joan Behrends

    This is a wonderful opportunity. Thank you for opening it up to all of us! My only means for paying you is by check which I am willing to send today if you’re amenable. Hopefully, my check will clear by then. I also have a debit card if you accept that. Joan

    1. Jane Proffitt

      hello Joan….As you would have noticed when clicking the links, this promotion is no longer available. Thank you for your interest tho.

  14. Fay Marie Gardner

    I really like this card, too! I live in wine/grape country in upstate NY and can think of many ideas for this set!

    1. Jane Proffitt

      Thank you so much. Sounds like you live in a beautiful area. Happy crafting….

  15. Carey Anne Goodrich

    How do I get a PDF? Looks like some beautiful projects!

    1. Jane Proffitt

      Hi Carey, Thank you so much….Head over to you will find the PDF there. I post PDF’s for my Thursday Lives every Friday.

  16. Libby Fens

    Very pretty card! I just love these butterflies!

    1. Jane Proffitt

      Thank you so much Libby!

  17. Sue Kremer

    I absolutely Love your card! Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. Jane Proffitt

      Thank you so much Sue. You are so welcome, I loved creating it.

  18. Kelly

    SOOO pretty. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Jane Proffitt

      Thank you! I loved taking part in the hop.

  19. Nancy Reynolds

    Beautiful card, the colors are so rich!

    1. Jane Proffitt

      Thank you so very much….

  20. Theresa Tucker

    Your card is beautifully artistic. The stamps you chose to the embossed butterflies and ribbono.

    1. Jane Proffitt

      Thank you so very much!

  21. Nedine DuPree

    This is a stunning card, Jane! You have amazing creativity! Thanks for participating in the blog hop!

    1. Jane Proffitt

      Thank you…and thank you for the opportunity….

  22. Cathy

    Definitely a pretty and elegant card. just yummy.

    1. Jane Proffitt

      Thank you for your kind words….

  23. Tracy Byers

    Love the card, it has given me some inspiration. Thank you.

    1. Jane Proffitt

      You are so welcome! Thank you…..

  24. Tracy Byers

    Beautiful Card, love the colours and the butterfly pops.

    1. Jane Proffitt

      Thank you ever so much….

  25. Debbie Nahna

    Are these dollars Us or Aus Or NZ please. Not sure where you are? The Christmas bundle is gorgeous.

    1. Jane Proffitt

      Hi Debbie, I am in the United States. Thank you so much…

  26. Annette deRuyter

    Love the twisted box. Will you share directions to it

    1. Jane Proffitt

      Hi Annette, the PDF will not be for sale until after the close of the craft box registration. Thank you for your interest.

      1. LISA claridge

        Am a hobby demonstrator in Australia. Am very keen on purchasing the pdf instructions to these when you have finished your kit tutorials, if that’s possible.

        1. Jane Proffitt

          Hi Lisa, keep an eye out for when I announce that it is available, I did add your email to my list….thank you so much for your interest.

      2. Rebecca Leidig

        I ordered the Option 1 and received everything but the pdf. Could you please email it to me? Sorry for the delay – I just now have the time to make these gorgeous boxes!

    2. Jane Proffitt

      Hu Annette, the PDF for the craft box is now available.

  27. Julia Mazur

    Such a beautiful card! What a great idea to use the Butterflies to get so many images quickly!

    1. Jane Proffitt

      Thank you so much Julia. It was a labor of love.

  28. Janice Piechowiak

    Beautiful card. Thanks for sharing. Your use of the DSP and other additions is inspiring.

    1. Jane Proffitt

      Thank you Janice. I actually did not use dsp for this card. It is white and soft succulent card stock.

  29. Sue Heck

    I would like to purchase your PDF as I am a demonstrator & already own everything needed .
    Thank you!

    1. Jane Proffitt

      Hi Sue, I am getting the PDF ready for purchase and will let you know when it is available. Thank you so much for your interest.

  30. Maggie Bottomley

    Thank you so much. I’m looking forward to doing this beautiful project. Just a shame I didn’t live nearer or I would have purchased a kit. Looking forward to watching the video
    Many many thanks

    1. Jane Proffitt

      You are so very welcome…

  31. Melissa L Adams

    Hi, I purchased the kit recently and just got it in the mail. But I have not been emailed the PDF tutorial. Can you email me?

    1. Jane Proffitt

      Hi Melissa, Thank you. the PDF has been mailed from Please let me know if you received it.

  32. Traci Kendrick

    I love, love, love this set of projects. I’m new to the site and didn’t realize you had Thurs classes. I will definitely put it on my calendar for the future. In the meantime I will look for the PDF pages tomorrow.

    1. Jane Proffitt

      Thank you so much Traci. Everything I create is a labor of love.

  33. Toni Mahoney

    How much is option 2? Can I pay with pay pal?

    1. Jane Proffitt

      Here is the link for both options. Option 2 is $43.00 and that includes shipping.

  34. Patti

    How can I get the PDF for this gorgeous card using Encircled in Warmth?

    1. Jane Proffitt

      Hi Patti…thank you so much for asking! The PDF for that card is in my group…

    1. Jane Proffitt

      Thank you so much Daniele…..

  35. Sharon McMillan

    I purchased your Days to Remember Craft Box. It did not include instructions. Do I need to order them separately?

    1. Jane Proffitt

      Hi Sharon, just received your message. I had sent out all the PDF’s after mailing the boxes. It may have gone to spam so I did just send it to you again. Happy Crafting….

    2. Jane Proffitt

      Hi Sharon, I just resent your PDF and it came back as mailbox is full. Do you have another place that you would like me to send it?


    Love this project. I ordered the kit but I have not gotten the pdf tutorial. Can you please send it to me. Thanks.

    1. Jane Proffitt

      Hi Mary, I sent the tutorial on Wednesday to the email you provided when ordering. Please check your spam folder for an email from

  37. Jackie

    Gorgeous! Thanks for offering this class!

    1. Jane Proffitt

      Thank you so very much!

  38. Janet Kopacz

    You have really lovely designs for all your classes to go. I would like to order the pdf only option 3 for the Beauty of Tomorrow. I’m a Canadian hobby demo. My question is I am wondering if it is possible that you add PAYPAL as a method of payment. I don’t use the method that is offered, but do have paypal. If this is not viable for you to use paypal, then just to know I think you are a very skilled and artistic demo, and do thank you for your videos and facebook posts of beautifully designed SU! products.

    1. Jane Proffitt

      Hi Janet, thank you so much for your kind words. If you would like I will send you an invoice thru paypal and send you the pdf manually. Please let me know your thoughts.


    Sorry I just saw this. I check my junk mail every couple of days and I have not any message. Can you resend it.

    1. Jane Proffitt

      No worries….just resent the PDF. Happy crafting!

  40. Kim

    Is it possible to buy just the pdf?

    1. Jane Proffitt

      Hi Kim, I will be releasing the PDF at the close of the registration. Thank you for your interest.

      1. Stacey Krats

        Do we need to register for class to get the pdf at the end, or will you be selling the pdf only after class?

        1. Jane Proffitt

          Hi Stacey, I will be selling the PDF at the end by itself.

  41. Nancy Lucas

    This kit does not include the stamp set…correct?

    1. Jane Proffitt

      Hi Nancy, that is correct! No stamp set included. Thank you for asking.

    1. Jane Proffitt

      Thank you so very much!

  42. Micki Hll

    I love, love, love your cards and your story about the cats. That happened to us too. My friend had a litter of kittens she needed to rehome or take them to the shelter. We went over to adopt the the black one (as black cats don’t get adopted very easily). And of course we also took her brother who was the little tiny runt. We also have four dogs, but that’s a different story. Thank you for all your lovely cards and I am part of your Facebook Group.

    1. Jane Proffitt

      I just love animals and it sounds like you do to!…and I loved when we lived on our farm. We were able to adopt and save many different animals. Thank you for being part of my group.

  43. SEO Listing

    Is it alright to reference some of this on my page if I include a backlink to this site?

    1. Jane Proffitt

      Thank you for asking….I would like a link to your site first before I give you an answer.

  44. maggie bennnett

    these treat holders are so cute. cant wait to get them

    1. Jane Proffitt

      Thank you so much Maggie!

  45. Michelle Collins

    Hi Patti, I looked at your facebook and could never find your pdf for this card… It is beautiful!

    1. Jane Proffitt

      Hi Michelle, thank you…..if you meant Jane, here is the link….

  46. Shelly Collins

    Hi, I paid for the Christmas treat boxes. Do you send through email?

    Shelly Collins

    1. Jane Proffitt

      Hi Shelly, yes I did see that you purchased the Christmas treat boxes. I am so sorry that I forgot that one piece of information on my blog post. Your craft box will be going out by Thursday, Oct. 21st. You will love the package you receive. Thank you so much for asking…

  47. Linda

    Hello I signed up for your newsletter and like to receive the pdf for the pretty pumpkins card. Especially what does is used for the opening on the white layer

    1. Jane Proffitt

      Hi Linda, I actually used the leaf die that comes in the Pretty Pumpkin bundle to cut out the center of the card. I will send you the PDF for this card shortly. Thank you so much for asking.

  48. Marsha Fante

    Thank you!

    1. Jane Proffitt

      You are so welcome Marsha.

  49. Sharon Ware

    Thank you for all this Jane. It’s brilliant!

    1. Jane Proffitt

      Oh you are so welcome Sharon. Happy Crafting….

  50. Charlotte A Ashley-Cook

    This is so pretty! Are you selling just the pdf?

    1. Jane Proffitt

      Hi Charlotte, thank you so much. Check your email from! Happy crafting my friend.

  51. Cathy Kirchner

    I am so sorry Jane. My list of night prayers is getting longer and longer. It’s a rough world out there. I will pray to give you strength, understanding and memories for you and your husband. God Bless, hugs, Cathy K

    1. Jane Proffitt

      Thank you so much Cathy. It does seem that there are many, many people suffering right now. I just pray for strength and my husband fairs well. Bless your heart. Hugs and many thanks

    1. Jane Proffitt

      Tanya, Thank you so very much!

  52. Patsy Palmer

    Wow!! Beautiful cards!

    1. Jane Proffitt

      Thank you so very much Patsy….

  53. Shirley Taylor

    Can you share the dSP measurements for the ribbon holder box

    1. Jane Proffitt

      Hi Shirley….all the measurements for all the ribbon boxes are in my Gal Friday Stamping Group. You are more than welcome to grab them.

  54. Ruth Gravel

    Hi my name is Ruth Gravel and l love your three cards that you have done on July 25 2021 class. Would you please email me all the direction of how to make all three cards thank you. my email address is have the stamps and paper for those cards.

    1. Jane Proffitt

      Hi Ruth….those cards have a PDF available in my tutorial store. You can get it by clicking the tutorial tab at the top of my blog. Thank you.

  55. Juanita

    I just love your cards- came across your site and saw hedgie along with some others that I would love to CASe!
    I will be purchasing a few tutorials as well—
    I am happy to hear your husband is getting back to a ‘new normal’ as we call it.
    Blessings & prayers to you!

    1. Jane Proffitt

      Hi Juanita, thank you so very much! You are more than welcome to case, please just tag me in your posts. Yes, that new normal, not really sure what that means yet. If you would like PDF’s that I post during the week, please feel free to join my Gal Friday Stamping Group.

  56. Patricia Reidinger

    Thanks for printing the PDF for Thurs nights video. Really love the cards

    1. Jane Proffitt

      You are so welcome. Thank you

  57. Fay Marie Gardner

    As always, these are beautiful, Jane!!

    1. Jane Proffitt

      Thank you so much Fay!

  58. Stephanie

    I really like the dramatic color contrast on this card! Can you tell me where the spiky aloe vera type plant stamp came from. Thanks!

    1. Jane Proffitt

      Hi Stephanie, I used the die in the Simply Succulents bundle and added some shadows using colored pencils. Hope this helps

  59. Tammy Martinez

    Hi – love this! Does the price include shipping?

    1. Jane Proffitt

      Hi Tammy, yes Priority Shipping. Thank you for asking….

  60. Katrina

    Love all the layers!

    1. Jane Proffitt

      Thank you so much Katrina!

  61. Tina Gascon

    Absolutely Gorgeous Jane 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

    1. Jane Proffitt

      Thank you so much!

  62. Stephanie Davis

    thank you for the PDF your cards are just awesome and you are so kind, thanks again

    1. Jane Proffitt

      You are so welcome, it is my pleasure. Thank you for your kind words.

  63. Fay Marie Gardner

    Jane, I am so sorry to hear about your husband. I hopee that he is home recuperating and will be OK. Your projects are beautiful, as usual!! Thanks for the PDF.

    1. Jane Proffitt

      Thank you so much Fay. It has been a roller coaster ride. Thank you so much for your kind words.

  64. Cheryl

    TFS! I pray your husband is well.

    1. Jane Proffitt

      Thank you so much Cheryl!

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