Can you believe it is Thursday already? Thursday night live seems to come around quicker and quicker each week. It may be because we are so busy during the week. Why don’t you take an hour out of your busy schedule and join me tonight for a Whale of a Time Thursday Night Live new shaker card technique. Each Thursday I recreate the card of the day at 7PM (est) in my group, Gal Friday Stamping.

Whale of a Time Thursday Night Live card being created tonight by Gal Friday Stamping.

Tonight’s card is created with the Whale of a Time Bundle. I will also be introducing you to a new way to create shaker cards. One of my favorite cards are shaker cards. I do not create them as much as I would like, but I just found a really exciting new way to create them. It is a quick and easy technique that you are going to love!

Whale of a Time Thursday Night Live new shaker card techniques being created at 7PM (est)

This was such a quick and easy card to make. This new shaker card technique will allow me to create more shaker cards in the future. Join me tonight during Whale of a Time Thursday Night live at 7 PM (est). There will also be a free PDF posted with a PDF tutorial tomorrow.

Don't forget the inside when you create with Whale of a Time or any other stamp set.

Don’t forget the inside of the card and try to bring some elements in from the front of the card.

Thank you so much for visiting today. See you Tonight as we recreate this card with a new shaker card technique.

If you missed it, I created a beautiful explosion box last week and the PDF is available in my group. Check out the project here.


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