For the past two Saturdays, I have been going live, creating storage solutions while organizing our craft room. If your room is anything like mine, it is a disorganized mess. I don’t know about you, but when things are in disarray, my mojo disappears! So it is time to get off to a fresh start and organize.

We started off with a storage solution for 6 x 6 paper. Sure, you can go out and purchase many of the items for storage, but why not get rid of that extra designer series paper you have hanging around and create something you love. Yesterday we finished the 6 x 6 paper storage. All I need to do is a bit of decorating. But I am going to wait to see how I am going to set it up in my room.

Organizing our craft room with a 6 x 6 designer paper storage

How cute is this? Can you get anything cuter at the store? It uses black chip board, 11 pieces to be exact and it holds over 12 packs of 6 x 6 designer series paper! I am also going to add more dividers to label and separate those papers so they are easy to find.

Another messy area in my craft room is my ribbon storage. Spools unravel and they are just a mess. So yesterday I showed how to create individual boxes for the spools of ribbon and a lovely box to hold them in for easy access.

Organizing our ribbon as we are organizing our craft room

Here are the ribbon boxes and holder sitting on the shelf of my craft box. So neat and tidy, with the ability to visually see the type and color of the ribbon without searching.

Would you too like to organize your craft room on a budget? Join me for the next few Saturdays as we continue organizing our craft room. Head over to Gal Friday Stamping Group each Saturday at 1PM (est).