Happy Saturday! Hope everyone is having wonderful day. I am posting a bit late today. I want to introduce you to Gal Friday’s Photo/Journal Album Series. After much thought, I made the decision to start this series. I thought there would be crafters who would enjoy creating something other than cards. We will be creating a photo/journal album from start to finish. This series will be a complete series from creating the binder with an accordion hinge to decorating our finished project. Part 1 of the series started today and we began by creating the binding using chip board, card stock and creating the accordion hinge.

Here is the beginning project from my Photo/Journal Album series.

This is the album that was created today. As you can see, I am training the fibers of the front and back covers to stay folded by using a rubber band. Look how nice the cover looks. No wrinkles or bubbles. If you would like to see the first video and continue on this journey head over to Gal Friday Stamping.

I am teaching the fibers of the paper to keep the cover closed.  This was the start of the Photo/Journal Album series.
This is the inside of the Journal with the accordion hinge.  We will be creating the pages to the journal on Saturday, July 3rd.

Here is the inside of the album. The hinge, in the middle of this album, holds the six pages that will be contained in this album. The pages will be created Saturday July 3rd, at 1 PM (EST). It is a holiday weekend and the video will be available for replay.

This album series will continue past the creation of this album. I will be introducing you to different sizes and styles of albums and encourage you to make suggestions.

Again, if you would like to be included in this Photo/Journal Album series, join Gal Friday Stamping Group and log on at 1PM (est) on Saturday July 3rd.